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Chaim Oren

International Wellbeing Expert

The Full Story


Hello, my name is Chaim Oren and I specialize in the field of wellbeing. I have authored and delivered lectures on the subject and am also the host of a podcast titled "Be Well - A Guide to a Better Life".  In addition, I am a Brand Ambassador for Hintsa Performance, a global leader in the field of wellbeing and human performance. 

I began my professional career in New York, working as an international marketing expert for leading Fortune 500 companies. After returning to Israel, I held senior strategic marketing positions at various advertising and PR agencies. I also served as the CEO of Tupperware's Israeli branch (NASDAQ TUPP) and later managed the Israeli office of Jupiter Research (NASDAQ FORR). Most recently, I served as the Commercial Representative for the State of Connecticut in Israel, responsible for establishing a relationship between the high technology sectors of both countries. 

For the past few years, I have dedicated myself to helping individuals and organizations achieve a state of well-being.

Our services

Numerous companies and organizations have recognized the importance of providing genuine and comprehensive support for employee wellbeing. To meet this need, we provide a series of lectures tailored to diverse audiences, aimed at helping individuals achieve a healthy work-life balance and improve job performance. Our services include personalized consultations, seminars, and organizational consulting. Please reach out to us to learn more about how we can support you in achieving optimal well-being.

International Activities

David Manela, Managing Partner Exactius – a New York based Digital performance marketing agency

"Drawing inspiration from the world of Formula 1 drivers, Chaim Oren demonstrated how the pursuit of well-being can drive success in our personal and professional lives. With a riveting delivery backed by extensive research, Chaim showcased the undeniable impact of well-being on employee performance and the company's bottom line. ,


I  recommend Chaim to every CEO seeking to enhance employee well-being and engagement"

Chaim gave a fascinating and insightful lecture on how to grow out of a crisis, clarify well what is important to us in life and systematically work to improve our quality of life in every aspect. The participants in the lecture found great value in it and said that in fact there is no need to wait for a crisis moment in order to recalculate a course in life and live its continuation in a healthy, enriching and satisfying way.


Anyone who adopts the rules that Chaim proposes will find that he has given himself and his surroundings a huge gift.

 Sharon Sagi, 
Director of John Bryce College at the Standards Institution of Israel

“Chaim Oren recently presented at the first course to promote the new standard for health and mental well-being of the College of the Standards Institution of Israel.


His lecture was fascinating because he linked the conduct of Formula 1 drivers operating in an ultra-demanding environment to the conduct of employees in organizations and companies who are  under constant stress and burnout. 


Everyone must find ways to cope in order to succeed – and the key is according to the wellbeing “ approach.


A variety of motivational lectures for employees, companies and groups on the importance of balance in life, on the importance of personal choice in the optimal lifestyle

- wellbeing  Based on wellbeing 

Interviews with experts from  around the world

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